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Benefits Of Curd For Skin & Hair

Benefits Of Curd For Skin & Hair

Benefits Of Curd For Skin & Hair

Curd has always added the nutritional value to our food consumption and diet. It not only helps the body to prosper guided with indomitable immune system and improved digestion, but also aides a lot to weight control and strengthening bones and teeth. This sour milk preparation contains high volume of lactic acid which also fights against constipation and other stomach disorders.

Today, we will explore the versatility of curd in another sphere. Apart from keeping our body healthy, it also excels in the field of delivering healthy skin and lustrous hair. Let us have a quick look on the benefits of curd and at the values that it can deliver in the world of beauty.

 Benefits of Curd For Glowing Skin:

Curd or dahi can be applied directly onto the skin everyday before bath to give you a healthy look. This is the simplest tip that one can ever have. Just let it dry before you wash it off.

Beauty-packs with Curd

  • Benefits of CurdFor a clear and bright skin – Mix two spoons of curd with a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey. Apply it and let it dry for fifteen minutes.

  • For a joyous and smiling skin – Blend curd with coffee powder and honey. Smear it on your face, wash off after it dries and fall in love with the glow on your face.

  • For removing black-heads – Mix it with gram flour or besan, lemon juice and turmeric and scrub it gently onto the face for 6-7 minutes. See the blackheads getting disappeared effortlessly. You can also replace gram flour with oats. It also acts as a powerful exfoliator.
  • For combating against acne and pimples – Apply a pack of sandalwood, turmeric and fresh curd. Massage it smoothly and rinse off with cold water. It reduces pimples with prolific results.
  • For fighting against sunburns – A simple solution of lemon and curd will revive the skin from sun-damages. Even the mixture of lemon, curd, besan and turmeric will work as miracles.For a skin-dessert – You can prepare healthy fruit desserts for your skin which your skin will just simply love to relish over. Papaya, Banana, apple, cucumber, strawberry – any or even all of these can be properly blended to a smooth facepack for the skin which will make your skin glow like anything.

Benefits of Curd For Shiny and Bouncy Hair:

  • For Hair Conditioning – Curd is a natural hair conditioner. Just wear it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with shampoo. Doing this at least once a week will add extra shine to your locks.
  • For dry-hair rescue Fenugreek or methi seeds paste (prepared from overnight soaked fenugreek seeds) when mixed with curd, forms a natural treatment for dry and rough hairs. Just let it work for one hour on hairs before washing it off.
  • For dandruff raid – Curd works as wonders when it has to battle against these unwanted flakes. Squeeze a few lemon drops and apply it onto the entire scalp. You can witness a remarkable reduction.
  • For silky mane Make a wholesome hair pack loaded with proteins and nutrition for the hair. Prepare a paste of egg white, lemon juice, honey, almond oil and curd and apply it from root to tips. Wash it off after 30-40 minutes. Apart from making your hairs lively and silky, you will find it working on your split-ends as well.

Cuddling these goodness of curd will gift you a flawless skin and damage-free hairs.


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