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Fat Loss Cardio – Best Abs & Cardio Fusion

Fat Loss Cardio ♥ Best Abs & Cardio Fusion

The 10 min Fat Loss Cardio workout is a fusion of high intensity heart raising exercises and intense abdominal work. High intensity cardio workout will get you sweating, burning calories that will greatly contribute to fat loss!

This is going to be an intense video for you guys to get through but when you do I promise you will feel like you’ve conquered the world!

Fat Loss Cardio - Best Abs And Cardio Fusion

Fat Loss Cardio - Best Abs And Cardio Fusion

The workout moves faster than some of you might be used to as the goal of the workout is to not stop moving for the whole 10 min! To make the exercises much easier to understand I have broken them down below with cues and tips to help you master the whole cardio flow.

Fat Loss Cardio - Best Abs And Cardio Fusion

Switching Lunge Squats x 20

  • Front knee never passes our front toes
  • Back knee comes as low to the ground as possible
  • Take lots of power as you jump

Roll Up Burpee x 8

  • Roll through each vertebra of your spine
  • Modification: Use hands to help you come up
  • If tempo is too fast take 2 reps to do 1, working your faster with time as you gets stronger
  •  Never collapse on the floor, control your whole body the whole time

Rolling Like A Ball x 8

  • Hold on under the knees
  • Round through the spine

Boat to Canoe with Twist x 10

  • Keep hands on floor for support
  • Bring knees as close to you chest as possible

Plank Stairs x 8

  • Keep body as still as possible
  • If too challenging, stay in plank and hold

Plank Hops x 10

  • Breath!
  • Do half the speed if too challenging and focus on the position instead of speed

Slow Motion Mountain Climbers x 20

  • Get those knees up high!

Downward Dog to Plank x 6

  • Catch your breath
  • Straight Plank no hips in the air

Mountain Climbers x 20

  • All about the speed!
  • Get those knees up!

Double Leg Stretch x 10

  • Press lower back to floor
  • Modification: Back stays on the floor the whole time just work the legs.

Toe Touches x 10

  • Reach for the sky!

Pleae Jumps x 8

  • Knees and feet point outward
  • Pleae as you land

Pleae Squats x 8 & Hold

  • Get low with your hips
  • Tailbone points down

As you start to develop stamina and endurance which you will if you stick to this video, start doing this whole video twice through to make it a full 20 min cardio workout for yourself.


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