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Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub Review

Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub Review

Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub

Hello everyone!! The product that I have picked up today for review is Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub, the one that I have been using since the last two years. Endowed with the goodness of strawberry, this scrub is like a boon to wipe-off dead cells from the skin. No sooner I find the tube getting over, I immediately grab another from the beauty stores.

Lakme has been delivering value to its users through ages and is recognized as a household name in the realm of beauty products. Packed with the extracts of strawberry, Lakme Clean Up–Face Srub acts as a beauty enhancer which works wonders for the skin.

Lakme Clean Up Face ScrubProduct Description:

This skin-friendly natural exfoliant is a “made in India” product which effectively removes black-heads, absorbs excess oil and eradicates dead cells off the skin. It comes in the form of a tube and am really very attracted towards its packaging. The colour of the tube instantly reminds me of strawberries.


This scrub is a mixture of fruit extracts and chemicals. The picture below shows the details of its components:

My Affair With Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub:

Every time I use this scrub, it leaves my skin refreshed and dirt-free. I love using it and my fondness for it has increased manifold over the time that I have been using it. Strawberries are a reservoir for skin care, and this is one of the strongest reasons to pick this product. The granules in the scrub are perfectly sized and give the aroma of strawberries once you start scrubbing it. The scrub is in the form of a thick cream.

Directions For Use:

  • Wash face (preferably with a face wash)
  • Take a small amount and apply in tips all over your face
  • Gently move your fingers in circular directions and massage it well
  • Focus on the black-head prone areas like nose-tips, chin and foreheads.
  • Avoid eye contour
  • Wash with cold water and pat dry

While massaging, it tends to get dry. So, make sure to frequently dip your fingertips in water while using it. Once you run water in your face, you will discover a soft, supple, tender and noticeably clearer skin.

I generally use it twice a week and never miss the chance of providing my skin the care it needs. The visible shine in my skin after using it instantly brings the smile of contentment on my face. However, this is at its best when followed by a facemask or face-pack. Else, using a moisturizer after scrubbing is also enough.

Lakme Clean Up - Face Scrub

Pros of Lakme Clean Up Face Srub:

  • Very effective in removing tanning and black-heads
  • Luscious strawberry fragrance
  • Leaves the skin shiny
  • Removes dirt gently
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily adjusts in your travel/beauty Kit

Cons of Lakme Clean Up Face Srub:

  • Chemicals used in the product
  • Gets dry quickly while application

Price: Rs. 99 for 50 g

Shelf life: 2 years


Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub is a boon for skin-glow. Though a lot of chemicals used in its making, still I could not experience any such side-effect.

Will I purchase it? Undoubtedly YES.

Rating – 4/5


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