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Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal Review

Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal Review

Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal Review

Roses have always been used as a metaphor to embrace the beauty of a woman. Categorically roses are used as a synonym for beauty and are used in most of the cosmetics and beauty products as an essential ingredient. This epitome of beauty does miracles for the skin in innumerable ways.

I have always been fond of roses. The very smell and sight of it refreshens me and makes me feel joyous. Dabur Gulbari Premium Gulab Jal has been a household and premium name familiar to all of us. Through ages it has been catering to the beauty requirements and is a natural conditioner for the skin.

The Beauty of the Product:

Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal ReviewThis is a very light product and very skin-friendly which conditions the skin altogether and its uses are endless. Be it used plain or mixed with a face-pack, it does wonders for the skin. It envelops the essence of roses which gives you the glow that it desires, maintaining the PH balance of the skin and thereby, moisturizing it well.

The product comes packed in a transparent cylindrical-shaped bottle with a hard plastic membrane, secured safely by a pink-coloured cap. The fragrance of it gives you the sense of fresh oozings from rose petals. It is very aptly captioned as “Glow like a rose”.

Key Compositions:

It contains Rooh Gulab (Fragrance), Aqua, Methyl and Propyl Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Bronopol and Rose Oil.

Usage Directions:

  • Can be used with a cotton ball and smeared across face and neck
  • Can be mixed with face-pack for that remarkable radiance
  • Can be used with glycerin for soft, supple and bright skin.

I have made it a daily practice for my skin. Generally I use it prior to distressing myself before night-sleep. Nevertheless, it gives me a sense of soothing for my skin and a fresh fragrance that lingers onto the skin before I indulge into a deep slumber.

Most often, I also prefer using it to my face-packs or experimenting with any homemade recipes for skin. It instantly showers radiance and glaze in no lesser time.

Money-Value: Rs. 37 for 120 ml
Product Durability: 2 years

My Tale with Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal:

Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal 120ml-500x500Routine and religious usage of Dabur Gulabari has enriched my skin the softness and charm as of a rose-petal. It is a natural skin toner which refines the skin and helps it get rid of those unwanted black-heads and pigmentation. The product is a very vital ingredient in my skincare menu.

Apart from skincare, it is also effective in cleansing dust particles from the eyes. Whenever I suffer from conjunctivitis, or any eye-infection, I make sure to clean my eyes with a cotton ball dipped in Gulab Jal. Mere a drop of it into the eyes also helps, however initially there was a feeling of pricking sensation which was a bit strong to resist. But after a couple of uses I was largely benefited

  • Refreshes and rejuvenates skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • A handy ingredient for any face-pack
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Fairly priced

Cons of Dabur Gulabari Premium Gulab Jal:

Undoubtedly No

Final Verdict:

This product is a wholesome offer for moisturizer, toner, cleanser, perfume and antioxidant for the skin. Its brand tagline “Gulabi Chehre Ka Raaz, Pani Nahin, Dabur Gulabari” is very befitting to what it truly delivers.

Rating: 5/5


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