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Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner Review

Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner Review

Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner 

Lakme Insta LinerEyes are the first point of contact when you interact. Beautiful eyes have the ability to caste magical spell on to the onlookers and drawing your eye-lines will make it all the more attractive. A good and trusted brand of eye-liner is always recommended for the ladies to make them make their look complete and appealing. Therefore, my pick for the day is one such trusted brand which holds the authenticity of credence in the realm of beauty – Lakme.

Products from Lakme have always been loved and used lovingly across the entire women folks; and Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner also lives up to the expectation. A brief undertaking on the product is mentioned below which will deliver in understanding the product and its key-aspects vividly.

Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner Description:Lakme Instaliner Water Resistent Eyeliner

The eye-liner comes handy in a glass-bottle with securely capped bristles. Its packaging has remained the same ever since it has been introduced in the market. The bottle is transparent and the Colour of the cap is nude with added shine.

The length of the handle with bristles is quite comfortable as it is neither too short nor too long. The bristles are adequate enough to paint fine strokes on the eyelids without any mess. However, this might not be the same case with all the bottles as I have come across uneven bristles leading to uncomfortably in its application. So, extra attention needs to be given while purchasing.

Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant EyelinerComposition Of The Product:

Wonder I, how could Lakme not mention its ingredients. Afterall it is essential part of any brand value. The bottle completely misses the components.

Being so very particular relating to my choices in the field of beauty care, I am amused to find myself buying this product without even knowing the ingredient it holds. The reason behind might be that I have not been subject to any side-effect ever since the time that I have been using it.

Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant EyelinerMy Tale With Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner:

I love painting my eyes but I am also over careful that it does not smudge and caste that dark-circled look. Being a working lady, I have to be outdoors even on Sundays and so I always require such a product for my eyes which it can wear the entire day without any hassle. Must say, Lakme understands my eyes so well. There has been never a day that I have forgotten to put it. It has befriended my eyes in a seemingly perfect way. Being of a liquid consistency it takes couple of minutes to dry. My suggestion here is that you need not close your eyes and sit down, but you can open it only to the extent that it is required for a straight look. Avoid looking up towards the ceiling when it is not dry yet else it would imprint on your upper portion of your eye-lids.Lakme Insta Liner

Another thing that impresses me about Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner is that it lasts for a longer period, not only in terms of its application onto the eyes but in terms of the entire bottle as well. Honestly speaking, one bottle of Lakme Insta-Liner lasts me good six to seven months (am not joking at all).

Price: Rs. 99 for 9 ml.

Product Life: 30 months

Pros of Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner:

  • Long-stay on eyes without any smudge
  • Decently priced
  • Draws fine strokes without cracks
  • Easily available
  • No side-effects
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Travel-friendly

Cons of Lakme Insta Liner Water Resistant Eyeliner:

  • Bristles need to be checked before purchase
  • Ingredient list and price missing
  • Shades are dark, but bright darker shade is not available
  • To be rubbed properly while washing off

Rating: 4/5


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