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Benefits Of Amla For Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Amla For Skin And Hair

Benefits of Amla for Skin And Hair

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals that enables your body, skin and hair to lead an ail-free and healthy life. Often we are so much indulged in this rampant world looking for artificial fixations to our bodily problems that we fail to look into the natural and easy therapies, the everyday intake of which can cure all our ailments. Amla is one such miracle fruit which has been used and referred to, since ages in many ayurvedic medicines and solutions to bodily, skin and hair problems.

Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C, the Benefits of Amla for Skin and Hair are endless. Commonly regarded as the juice of immortality, amla is endowed with a host of nutritional benefits. Speak of any hair or skin problem, and amla has its answers. It not only improvises and revitalizes your skin texture, but also boosts your hair growth and eradicates dandruff.

A few of the many benefits of amla are outlined below. Indulge these or one in your routine and enjoy the privilege of the owner of healthy skin and hair.

Benefits of Amla for Skin:

Benefits of Amla for Skin

    • Improved complexion and flawless skin: Having a lovely skin sounds so easy with this fruit juice which is loaded with Vitamin c and antioxidants. Drinking amla juice every morning will give you a lovely, flawless and brighter skin. It will reduce the scars and blemishes naturally. It castes a youthful glow with firmer skin. What more you can ask for by simply imbibing this in your daily routine!
    • Fights against acne and pimples: This is the most perfect remedy for the skins prone to pimples and acne. Drinking amla juice everyday will purify your blood and fight against the microorganisms in the epidermis. Applying an amla paste on pimples will reduce it to a large extent and keep a check on its occurrence.

  • Amla Homemade Facial: Mix a spoonful of amla powder with spoonful of yoghurt and honey. Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off to discover a refreshing “you”. Suitable for all skin types, it can be followed twice a week for a clean and brighter look.
  • Amla Homemade Astringent: Boil a few pieces of fresh amla in a pan with enough water. When cooled down, collect the water in a bottle and store in a refrigerator. Rinse your face daily with this healthy astringent. This will cleanse the pores and tighten it giving you a firmer look.

Benefits of Amla for Hair:

Benefits of Amla for Hair:

    • Hair Strengthener: Form a smooth paste by mixing amla powder in yoghurt and honey. Apply it from roots to the end. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. Using it once a week will give you strong and break-free hair.
    • Dandruff Controller: Mix amla powder with shikakai and curd and apply evenly on the scalp. Wash off after 15 minutes and mark the improvement.
    • Hair Cleanser: Beat an egg and add amla powder to it. Massage it on scalp and entire hair strands. Wash off with a mild shampoo. This will draw you silky, manageable and shiny hair.

  • Prevents premature graying: Simply rubbing the juice on your hair and scalp will prevent the strands from turning grey. It results best when mixed with henna and applied evenly.


Benefits of Amla for Skin and Hair are countless. Use it in either way – juice, fruit, dried, face-packs, hair-packs and discover your skin and hair blessed with health and goodness. Make it a part of your daily routine and keep smiling.


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