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5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body on This Summer

5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body on This Summer

5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body on This Summer

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I have something interesting to share with you guys! Hope all of you are enjoying summer. Oops, I have forgotten the fact that many of you just hate summer, especially the scorching heat of Indian plains. Well, I’m the one, who thinks in a different way in this case. I love summer. To enjoy summer, the secret is keeping your body healthy and energetic. Healthy from inside means gorgeous from outside!

I have shared a lot of summer makeup ideas as well as tips earlier. But, the most important thing is staying fit and healthy. It is important to enhance your natural beauty. In summer, there are reasons to worry about your look. Wearing sunglass and using sunscreen lotions are the commonest things. Apart from these, body detox is a major thing. With high level of toxicity, you may acquire several skin problems, including skin rashes, pimple or acne on face, etc. To escape such troubles, you need effective summer detox ideas.

So, here we go with top 5 summer detox tips. Try them to stay healthy, energetic and beautiful, even in the scorching heat of summer.

1. Watermelons

5 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body on This Summer

If you are looking for summer detox ideas, then consider watermelon as the best ingredient. It is probably the best fruit to be eaten in summer. Watermelon contains a lot of water. In fact, 70-80% content of watermelon is water. The remaining part consists of essential fibers, vitamins, minerals and various anti-oxidants. All these ingredients keep your body toxin free, and thus you stay gorgeous as well as beautiful. You can consume raw watermelon or can make smoothies or ice creams. A lot of summer drinks can also be prepared with watermelon.

2. Mint Leaves

Benefits of Mint Leaves in Summer

In order to detox your body, try mint leaves. Mint leaves have wonderful medicinal benefits. They help removing toxins from your body, and furthermore they help your body to cool down in scorching summer. Mint leaves are generally used in various summer drinks preparations. If you love tea, then you can try out mint tea. To make your craving for tea summer friendly, drink ice tea and add a few mint leaves. Ice tea with mint is truly refreshing.

3. Exercises

Benefits of Exercises in Summer

I know, you guys just hate exercises, but if you want to stay beautiful you need to add session for exercises on your daily schedule. You do not necessarily have to try hard exercising in gym. Simple free hand exercises, jogging in the morning, etc. would also help a lot.

4. Omit Oily Foods from Your List

Omit Oily Foods from Your List

The simplest way of detox body is consuming lesser oily foods so that toxin generation stays low in body. Oily foods harm skin or cause a lot of physical troubles. To stay healthy and beautiful, say no to rich oily foods.

5. Yoga

Benefits of Yoga in Summer

To stay fit, healthy, curvy and beautiful, practicing yoga is highly recommended. It also detoxifies our body in several ways, and enhances functional effectiveness of various body organs. So, practice yoga on daily basis – live healthy life.


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