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6 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil

6 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil

6 Amazing Beauty Tricks With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has essentially become iconic beauty product for every Indian household. It would be hard to find an Indian woman, who does not use coconut oil on her hair. My mum always uses to tell me to apply coconut oil to keep hair long, lustrous, shiny and strengthened. Not only that coconut oil keep scalp healthy and protects us from dandruff. Well, these are probably the known benefits of coconut oil. In this piece of writing, I shall share some of the hidden beauty tricks with coconut oil. Coconut oil can make your beautiful in various ways. Let us explore some of them.

Cheekbone Highlighter With Coconut Oil1. Cheekbone Highlighter

Use chemical free or organic coconut oil to highlight your cheekbone, and I guarantee that you will find amazing results. Simply add little portion of coconut oil on top of your cheekbone makeup, and your makeup will stay longer and highlighted beautifully. Too much highlighting would ruin your makeup. Thus, be cautions on using the quantity of coconut. Little portion would be perfect for this purposes. The add-on benefit is that removing makeup also becomes easier. You do not need to rub your cheekbone hard as makeup will come up quite easily with a soft piece of cloth.

2. Shave Your Legs

Shave Your Legs With Coconut Oil

For shaving legs, we often buy expensive products from marketplace, without knowing the fact that the job can be done easily as well as more conveniently with coconut oil. Apply chemical free organic coconut oil on your legs. You may also add little water, if your skin is too dry. Leave for 5-6 minutes, and then start shaving. It’s simple, easy and effective. Here, you get two bonus benefits. Firstly, coconut oil keeps your skin moistened naturally. So, after shaving there is no need for using any creams. Secondly, coconut oil is enriched with anti-oxidants that keep our skin young and healthy. It prevents razor burn and also protects skin from rashes after shaving.

3. Removing Eye MakeupRemoving Eye Makeup With Coconut Oil

Removing eye makeup is such a pain. You need to do the job neatly, as leftover of makeup can ruin your skin or can cause black patches over or under your eyes. Using cleansing milk is generally the idea that most of us follow. But, I sometimes use coconut oil, and trust me I obtain amazing results. Makeup comes up quickly without any pain with coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Apply on Dry Hands4. Apply on Dry Hands

I have learnt this trick from my mum. As her hands get dry, she adds coconut oil regularly. Her hands are as beautiful as a teenage girl. All thanks to the benefits of coconut oil.

Removing Under Eye Patches With Coconut Oil5. Removing Under Eye Patches

Ugly under eye patches are disturbing. You can use concealer or eye makeup to hide them, but these are not permanent solutions. Instead of trying over the counter creams and medicines, you can simply use side-effect free organic coconut oil. It heals patches or dark circles under your eyes quite efficiently.Using as Deep Conditioner With Coconut Oil

6. Using as Deep Conditioner

Every time you put regular shampoo on your hair, you note that hairs tend to get dry. Instead of using regular conditioners, use coconut oil to rejuvenate your hair and to add natural shine on them.


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