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Amazing Benefits Of Hair Oil

Amazing Benefits Of Hair Oil

Amazing Benefits Of Hair Oil

The desire for long and lustrous hair is inherent in every woman. Beautiful hairs not only ornaments one’s appearance but also draws compliments and admiration. It adds charm to one’s personality and makes one look more pleasant, be it a male or female.

Increasing pollution and busy work-schedules tend to drain out the moisture and care that your hair needs. Careless hair is easily prone to damages and witherings. A good oil-massage gives your hair that vigour and strength to withstand the changing climatic conditions. It showers the goodness of protein and nutrition that your locks require from time to time.

Head massage or ‘champi’ is an age-old therapy for promoting hair growth. It soothes the mind and detoxifies stress. Remember those weekends when grandmum used to pamper your hair by magical tricks of her fingers dipped in oil!!. The very thought of it makes me nostalgic and I find myself getting submerged in that awesome slumber.Benefits Of Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is the easiest way to care for it, devoting less time. Lubricating it twice a week for 15-20 minutes will not only boost it with life but will also strengthen its base. Let us glance through the benefits of a proper hair massage.

1. Promotes Growth And Increases Volume:  

It improvises the blood circulation of scalp and enriches it with the vitamins that it requires. It nourishes the strands right from its roots multiplying the pace of its growth.

2. Anti-Greying Agent:

Tired of those white fibres erupting out time and again? This is the result of deficiency of vital elements that the hair needs. Moisturization of hair is of utmost importance because it not only acts as a reservoir of protein, but also as a shield against the residues that pile up from the environment.

Benefits Of Hair Oil3. Destresses Mind And Body:

A good hair massage with Luke warm oil makes you feel lighter inside. It soothes your mind and castes your weariness away. Oiling reduces toiling – of your nerves and doing so before going to bed at night lulls you to a sound sleep.

4. Keeps A Check On Dandruff:

Dryness of scalp gives birth to dandruff which is the root-cause of hairfall and irritation. Those white flakes on your shoulders also lowers down your personality and self-confidence. Moreover, it also paves way for lice and itching. Regular oil massage will keep a preventive check on the occurrence of those white fluffy hair enemies.

5. Nourishes Hair Strands:

Hair oil provides the roots “the drink of moisture” it requires. It polishes the strands and prevents it from breakage or any harm. The frizziness of the hair turns into firmness by proper oiling. Victims of tangled-hairs can also witness a marked improvement when regularly done ‘champi’.

6. Acts As A Conditioner:

Oiling hair before shampoo also minimizes the use of a conditioner. It acts as a natural hair-conditioner and boosts hair with shine and health.

However, excess of everything is bad. Over oiling may erode the PH balance of your scalp. Oiling your hair twice a week or once at weekends is enough to make your hairs strong and voluminous. There a different types of hair oils suiting to different requirements. Delights of new hairstyles can only be experimented only when you have strong locks which can withstand the stamina of being braided and twisted.

Unlock the beauty of your locks with proper oil care and give it the wings to wave freely in open air.


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