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Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Hello beauties!!

How often I wonder that deriving a flawless skin is simply so easy with products derived from nature! We keep on ravishing the stores to get rid of those unwanted scars; dark pigmentation; those stubborn tans and yes, the worst of all, the pimples.

Today I would talk on one such age-old natural beauty enhancer which was favourites of our grandmoms and friends of our mothers’ skin. “Multani Mitti”, I guess this name is familiar to all. Also known as fuller’s earth, this clay substance is highly rich in magnesium chloride and has great astringent properties. Why only astringent, it has many such magic wands under its sleeves which can shower you with all the glow and love that your skin desires.

Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti is endless. Apart from revitalizing your skin and improvising its texture, Multani Mitti helps your hair achieve its volume and strength. However, I would discuss about its skin benefits today and would surely talk about its benefits on hair in my next post.

Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti For Oily Skin:Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Those who have problems dealing with their excessive oil content in the skin, Multani Mitti is a boon for them. Simply using the following pack will drain out the excess oil and gift you with a clear skin.

  • Soak Multani Mitti in water. When it becomes soft mix with rose water. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with plain water.
  • You will undoubtedly discover your desired skin tone by its regular usage.

It works as wonders when mixed with milk and grated almonds or almond powder and applied evenly on entire face and neck. It accelerates blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. Wash off with water to unveil the glow in your face.Beauty Benefits of Multani Mitti

Fights Against Acne & Scars:
Make a paste with a few drops of lemon, sandalwood or neem powder and wear it for 15 minutes. It will heal off your pimples and scars, not instantly but upon gradual applications.

Wipes Off Tanning:
Multani Mitti has great healing properties. Follow either of the skincare regimes and achieve your desired look:

  • Mix Multani Mitti with raw milk and cucumber juice. Let it dry for 15 minutes. This will draw you even-toned skin with improved texture.
  • Apply a paste of coconut milk, sugar and Multani Mitti. Tanning marks will lessen down drawing you a clear complexion.

Beauty Benefits of Multani MittiFor Improved Skin-Texture & Glowing Complexion: A mixture of Multani Mitti, besan and lemon juice will work as magic for your skin. It clears off your clogged pores showering you a well-refined and lovely skin

For Skin Firming: This is my all-time favorite pack. Soak Multani Mitti in curd and add an egg white. Mix few drops of honey and smear it on your face. I bet you will fall in love with your skin once you wash it off. This also fights against wrinkles. Follow with a moisturizer.

For homemade scrub: Mix Multani Mitti with sugar and rub it on your face evenly. It will very clearly remove dead cells and black heads drawing you a blemish-free skin.


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