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Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

Hello all lovely ladies out there!!

Colors and different hues are what which define our style and likes. Be it the pretty lip shades or the lovely paints on the nails, we are always so fond of it. When I talk of different shades, hues and colors, what instantly strikes my mind are the adorable and huge collections of nail paints out there available in the market. I gues it is alike with most of us.

Playing with different colors on nails and painting them every forth day, is indeed a favourite hobby for most of us, isn’t it? Who does not love the display of lovely colors on their nails keeping in trend with the latest trends? I believe nobody.Lakme Nail Color Remover Review

But when we are upto so many changes and colors on our nails, a good nail paint remover is a must. This is what defines a clean nail, making it presentable for reapplications. In my case Lakme Nail Color Remover with Vitamin E is my favourite. I have had my own share of experimentation with different brands of removers. Needless to say, I find myself coming back to Lakme time and again. Let us go deep into the reasons that make it all the more worthwhile than the whole lot of other brands available in the market.

Product Packaging:

The nail remover comes packed in a small flat-shaped glass bottle. The tip of the bottle contains a hard plastic membrane which prevents any spillage. The entire plastic is covered with a nude-colored cap securely fastened to it. The bottle is transparent and the color of the remover out layers it.

Price : Rs. 65 for 27 ml

Shelf-life: 36 months

Ingredient List: Not mentioned

Usage Directions: Dab a piece of cotton with the required amount of liquid, making the cotton ball semi-moist. Rub gently on the nails and cuticles.

My Fondness about Lakme Nail Color Remover with Vitamin E :

Be it one shade or 3 shades; light colored paint or the dark-hued one, it wipes off clearly and effortlessly every bit of nail paint from the nail-bed and that from the cuticles too. You need not even put any extra effort for rubbing. Just a swipe of cotton over the nails works out so very perfectly well. There is no white caste on the finger beds after its use, as was the case in most of other removers that I had tried in the past. Enriched with Vitamin E, it gives my nails the care of an expert, preventing dryness in and around it. Having used it for years together, I even have developed a liking for its fragrance. There is no odd sensation after its usage. It fully justifies itself.Nail Color Remover

Pros of Lakme Nail Color Remover:

  • Removes even the darkest of colors effortlessly and gently
  • No whitish outcast on nail beds and cuticles
  • Does not dry out the nails
  • Mild fragrance
  • Cute packaging
  • Easily available
  • Very decently priced

Cons of Lakme Nail Color Remover:

  • Glass container, so have to be cautious if carried while travelling
  • Ingedient list missing

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommended: YES


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