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ME-ON Face Primer Review

ME-ON Face Primer Review

ME-ON Face Primer With SPF 15

Imagine yourself entering into a kitchen for cooking and the very first thing you do is switching on the gas stove without even preparing for the dish you are going for. Result you hasten up cutting veggies, rinsing grains, figuring out spices all at a once. And not forgetting to mention, you end up in a mess. That’s why creating a base and sequential preparation is important, no matter whether it is your essential “cooking” or your love towards “makeup”. And when I talk about makeup, i mean starting form the base. The flaws in your skin and the faux pas of makeup can be effectively fixed up with a good face primer. Just as a good canvass enables an artist to paint the brightest hues, so is the case with a ‘primerladen’ face which makes it easier for the makeup artist to score good. There are different primers owing to different skin tones. Figure out your skin variant and then go for the one which suits you. As aptly put by a celebrity makeup artist “Not to prime is a crime”.

ME-ON Face Primer is the one which has secured its place in my makeup kit since the last three months for its deliverance and standing on its claims which are mentioned in its cover:

  • Meant for ALL skin types.
  • Oilfree and long lasting
  • Formulated with SPF 15

ME-ON Face PrimerME-ON Face Primer Packaging:

Its a simple flat tube white in colour with imprints of rose on the top and has a purple cap. The caption on the cover reads as “Care Your Skin”.The gel is transparent.

ME-ON Face Primer Composition :

Polybutene, Silicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Capric Triglyceride/ Caprylic, Propylparaben, DiTertButylPCresol.

Price :

Rs. 449 for 40 ml though not printed on the package. (However if you look for in wholesale markets you can find it at a much lower rate).

How ME-ON Face Primer Worked For Me:

This makeup base primer is indeed very lightweighted and have witnessed them to be lasting for a longer duration. I never ever forget to wear a moisturizer before applying primers. This is quintessential because it in a way is making the skin waterproof as the skin gently absorbs the moisture from the moisturizer before the primer starts playing its part.It smoothens the skin texture and boosts an appealing coverage.After application, my pores are filled in without any crease.Very effectively, it keeps oil miles away providing a firm base for makeup.

ME-ON Face Primer Pros:

  • Lasts long
  • Easy to wear
  • Covers up the skin flaws
  • Reasonable price
  • Convenient packaging

ME-ON Face Primer Cons:

  • Price not mentioned
  • Chemicals only

Score : 4/5

Recommended A sure “YES”


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