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Top 5 Fruits To Eat To Obtain Appealing Skin Texture

Top 5 Fruits To Eat To Obtain Appealing Skin Texture

Top 5 Fruits To Eat To Obtain Appealing Skin Texture

Having glossy and charming skin texture is the key for looking appealing. We, the women, are always conscious about our skin. Along with trying out various makeup and beauty tips for skin, you should also focus on your regular diets. Proper dieting is the key of having gorgeous and attractive skin texture. Here, in this article, we shall find Top 5 Fruits to Eat to Obtain Appealing Skin Texture. What makes these fruits good for our skin?

Well, find your answers in detail below:

Avocado Fruits1. Avocado

At the top of the list, we have Avocado, which is a super fruit, popular worldwide for its exceptional health benefits. Avocado contains high amount of vitamin E, which is an essential natural supplement for having smooth and shiny skin texture. Enriched with anti-oxidants, Avocado protects from us from the signs of aging. The fruit has a creamy green texture, which surely does not taste ‘yummy’. If you are obsessed with the likeness of your taste buds, instead of trying raw Avocado, you can consume it via some simple recipes. For example, try homemade Avocado ice cream, cakes, pies, smoothies, etc. Instead of eating, you can apply avocado on your face. It enhances skin glow and makes the skin smooth as well as sensuous.

Blueberries Fruits2. Blueberries

Like avocado, Blueberries are also enriched with high amount of natural anti-oxidants. It keeps us rejuvenated for long time, and makes our skin shiny as well as beautiful. Blueberries also consist of elastin and collagen, which are essential to keep skin moist and oily. If you are suffering from pimples or acne, you can apply blueberry paste on them directly. It will surely help you to get rid of pimples in a quick time frame. Blueberry has been used for making some delicious dishes. For example, you can make pastries, smoothies, juices, etc. with blueberries.

Grapes Fruits3. Grapes

Grapes are available in India widely and mainly two types of them can be found in the marketplace. One is tiny green and the other one is black. Both of them are good for skin, as they have plenty of water, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Consume grapes regularly and you will find that your skin texture turns smooth and glossy gradually. Grapes can be used for making healthy fruit salads, jams, etc.

Pomegranate Fruits4. Pomegranate

In our list of Top 5 Fruits to Eat to Obtain Appealing Skin Texture, we have Pomegranate at the fourth spot. This is yet another widely available fruit, which is exceptionally good for our skin. The fruit contains two powerful ingredients, hydrolysable tannins and anthocyanins, which are good for our skin. These ingredients make our skin to appear bright and glossy. Eating this fruit is always a fun – most of us love to consume it raw. Is not it?

Watermelon Fruits5. Watermelon

Last, but not the least, we have watermelon in our list, which is yet another excellent fruit for our skin. Watermelon consists of a lot of water, and we all know that water is important to keep our skin rejuvenated. It also contains natural fibers, which cleanse our digestive system. Thus, our body gets detoxified and due to that our skin stays young as well as appealing.

keep smiling.. stay healthy 🙂


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