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Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red Review

Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red Review

Elle 18 Supercilious Red Color Boost Lipstick

Hi girls,

Hope all of you are doing fine! Nothing can match the supremacy of vibrant red, when it comes to lip colors of women. I have recently come across Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red. I like experimenting with Elle 18 products for one reason and that is affordability. Since they have low pocket pinch, I never mind buying the products.

The eternal charm of red has caught my attention in this case. After using it for a couple of months, I have decided to share my experiences with it with you guys. So, let’s check out whether this product is good for buying or not.

About the Product

Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious RedElle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red is one of the 10 different shades of lipsticks which are available in the marketplace. It gives you a very intense color. It is enriched with cocoa butter for extra moisturizing. With an innovative dual core lipstick format, it offers terrific shine and smooth texture of pigmentation on lips.

Product Highlights

  • Packaging: It comes in a cute black case with a bright pink cap. The shade name and number is given at the bottom of the lipstick. The cap shuts tightly and it will not open in your purse.
  • Texture & Fragrance: Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red Lipstick has a soft, creamy texture and it glides effortlessly on the lips without tugging. It has a cocoa butter fragrance. The application is smooth and hassle free for daily use.
  • Shade: Reddish coral shades are attractive and tempting.
  • Pigmentation & Staying Time: It has very good pigmentation and gives intense color with 2-3 coats. It stays on lips for 4-6 hours and leaves a hint of color behind.
  • Price: 150 INR

My Experience with Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red

I am using this product for 2 months. At this point, I should confess that the color I chose is not complete red. It is a mix of red and magenta though the color is sweet. It appeared nice on my lips.

At first it looked like a stupid lip gloss as well as utter waste of money. After 10-15 minutes it turns a bit matt and makes the lips soft like you would want them. It also stays for at least 3-4 hours. Overall it’s a good buy especially if you want to buy a lipstick which is under 150 INR.

Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious RedI’m using it for casual purposes. So, I can say that it is harmless for skin. However, I do not have sensitive skin, and thus I cannot guarantee on its skin –friendliness. Generally speaking, Elle 18 products are trusted for their qualities. Users generally do not find any issues with them.


  • Affordable
  • 10 pretty shades available, including Superlicious Red
  • Attractive packaging
  • Creamy texture
  • Stays longer
  • Doesn’t melt
  • Nicely Pigmented


  • It bleeds a little bit
  • Tastes slightly bitter
  • No fragrance

Final Verdict:

Elle 18 Color Boost Superlicious Red is a product that worth for the money you pay. I find the color to be unique, and different other shades are available too. Price is low, and I loved texture that gets added to my lips. It makes lips smooth, creamy and moist. So, I would definitely recommend this product.

Score: 3.5/5


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