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Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion Review

Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion Review

Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion

Hello girls,

Are you feeling the heat of the summer? Well, for it is certainly one of the ugliest summer seasons. The scorching heat tends to become unbearable, and still monsoon is yet soon to be reached. To beat the heat, I’m on a shopping spree for some summer beauty products. One of those that I have come across recently is Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion. As a brand name, Parachute is pretty famous in India. The product seems pretty good due to its interesting packaging. So, I have decided to buy it and after using it for a couple of week, I am writing this review.

Product Highlights:

  • Quantity: 250 ML (100 ML bottle is also available)
  • Price: 125 INR
  • Key Ingredients: mint leaves extract and coconut milk
  • Skin Type: Suitable for oily skin

What Product Claims?

The product contains two major ingredients; one is mint leaves extract and the other one is coconut milk. Min leave extract acts as detox for our skin. It removes the toxic elements from the upper skin layer and helps to prevent skin aging. Coconut milk brings in natural glow of the skin. It makes your skin smooth and lustrous. Apart from these, the product also claims to come with double sunscreen protection. It protects your skin from UV rays and prevents summer skin burn.

Guideline For Users:

Like you apply winter body lotions, you can apply this summer body lotion in summer. Apply it on your body, after having a bath. It has a fresh smell, which you would definitely like.

My Experience with Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion:

I have been using Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion for a couple of weeks. Let me start with the packaging of the product. It comes in a very nicely molded bottle, which looks feminine. Directions for us and ingredients are mentioned as the back of the bottle.

While checking the bottle, I have found that Parachute has provided extra attention on coconut milk and mint extract. No doubt, these two are the key ingredients and both these ingredients are good for our skin. However, major disappointing fact for me is the product is not a natural product, and it contains a good amount of parabens.

Honestly, I was a little experimenting while buying this product. I was doubtful about it, though I decided to buy it, just to give it a try. From that aspect, I am not disappointed at all with this product. The product is suitable for oily skin, protects sun burns and makes skin smooth as well as shiny. It also moisturizes skin, but it is not at all sticky or gluey.

Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion Pros:

  • Good skin lotion for summer
  • Contains coconut milk, which is good for skin
  • Contains mint extracts, which prevent skin burn in summer
  • Fresh aroma
  • Not oily – not at all sticky

Parachute Advansed Summer Fresh Body Lotion Cons:

  • Contains parabens
  • Not suitable for dry skin

Will I Buy It Again?

I will surely buy it again, as it is one of the best summer skin lotions that I have come across till date. Nevertheless, it is affordable.

Rating: 4/5


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