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Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Review

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Review

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Review

Hello Beauties,

Winter is round the corner almost, especially in northern part of India! It is the time to embrace some excellent moisturizers to keep skin hydrated. To keep your skin unharmed from harsh effects of winter, I would suggest you using petroleum jelly occasionally. Petroleum jelly for skin often proves to be highly effective in harsh dry winter conditions. It creates a shield of protection over the skin so that moisture stays intact on the upper layer of your skin. Today, I shall review Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly in this article.

About The Product:Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Review

As a brand name, Emani does not need any introduction. It is one of the oldest skin care products manufacturers in India. Along with fairness creams, winter creams and various other product, it offer good quality petroleum jelly for skin. As winter is knocking the doors, you may find this product at any local cosmetic stores. Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly is empowered with herbal power to benefit skin optimally.

Major Highlights:

Here in the following section, find out the major highlights about the product:

  • Key ingredients: Tulsi, Aloe Vera and Chamomile – only these three ingredients are mentioned.
  • Flavors: The product comes in three flavor options for the buyers; they are Fruit Touch, Original and Flower Touch.
  • Price: 25 INR for 25 ML and 50 INR for 50 ML
  • Shelf Life: You can keep this product as much as 2-3 years. Store it in dry and dark place.

My Experience with Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly:

Well, to start with, I must confess that I’m a big fan of Emami products. This is one of the favorite brands of my mum, and hence I started loving it too. The products are not extraordinary, but they are good and affordable. In spite of a big fan of Emami products, I would try to keep my review unbiased.

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly ReviewI have used all three flavors of Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly product range. Amongst the three flavors, no real differences have been spotted, except their odor. The flower and fruit flavors have strong fragrances, while ‘original’ flavor has a mild and more soothing fragrance.

There is nothing fancy about this petroleum jelly. Most of the buyers use Vaseline petroleum jelly, which I find a little annoying. I feel heavy lips with Vaseline gel. For such a fussy person like me, Emami petroleum jelly is perfect. I find it better than other available options. Moreover, it comes with the goodness of Aloe Vera, which is known to be good for skin.

So, overall, I‘m happy with this product, but surely not ecstatic!

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Pros:

  • Easy availability in local stores
  • Nice rich fragrances
  • Herbal product, includes Aloe Vera and Tulsi
  • Keep skin and lips moist for long time

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly ReviewEmami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly Cons:

  • Need frequent application
  • Fragrance is too strong for fruit and flower flavors


Judging from all aspects, I would say Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly is a good product. If you are not satisfied with other petroleum gels in the marketplace, then surely this product is worth for giving a try.

Will I recommend it? Yes.

Rating: 4/5


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