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Speed up Your Hair Growth with Red Onion

Speed up Your Hair Growth with Red Onion

Speed up Your Hair Growth with Red Onion

Being an Indian woman, I always cherished for shiny and long hairs since my childhood. I always wonder that how my mother keeps her hair so long and gorgeous, even without applying contemporary beauty products for hair. Well, basically, women from my mum’s generation used to depend on more home-based natural treatments for hair rather than trying chemical based products. Today, we hate to apply coconut oil on our hair, as that makes hair sticky. But, coconut oil not only nourishes our hair, but also keeps our scalp healthy.

For healthy hair growth, you need inclusive treatment for scalp, hair and hair roots. I’m fond of natural techniques to stay healthy. For skin care, I have already written a lot of natural trick. Today, I’m gonna share a couple of meticulous ideas for quick hair growth. These two are simple home based solutions, possibly free of any harmful side-effects. I’ve tried these tricks and immensely happy with the benefits.

A Quick Hair Solution with Red Onion

C:\Users\Surya Mishra\Downloads\EWTArticles\Makeup & Beauty\TipsIn our urban environment, it is hard to keep the hair texture shiny and lustrous. Dust and pollution make our hair roots weaker, damage the scalp and turn hair sticky. It is a common problem for working women these days. The more time you spend outside, the worse results on your hair you will observe.

After trying up so many modern cosmetics, I finally came across a wonderful natural as well as simple solution. Have you ever thought that red onions can give you excellent hair texture, shine and quick growth? Well, let’s find an excellent hair nourishment recipe with red onion step by step:

  • Take 2-3 fresh red onions
  • Grate them and squeeze to collect the juice
  • Massage your head with onion juice and leave it to stay on your scalp as well as hair for at least 15 minutes
  • Wash your head normally and thereafter add conditioner on hair
  • Repeat this everyday at least for two months

My Experience With This Hair Grow Trick

Let me share my experience with this natural recipe for hair growth. I have been trying this for last three months and the results are highly satisfying. My hair used to look dead and now it has turned shinier – I can feel that. But, most important, my hair is growing like crazy! My friends are now appreciating me for my long lusty hair. I’m on cloud 9, truly!

I was concerned about one thing at the initial stage and that is the smell of onion. I thought that onion juice on my hair would smell foul. But, surprisingly, there was no smell. In anyways, you need to apply condition after washing of the onion juice from your scalp. Application of conditioner omits the chances of any foul smell. I personally use regular conditioners, like Garnier, Lo’Real, Dove, etc.

Why I Recommend This To You?

I would recommend this home based trick for your hair for three major reasons. Have a look:

  • Red onion juice makes hair growth faster
  • It strengthen the hair roots and reduces hair fall
  • It makes your hair shiny (after constant practicing for a month you can feel the results visibly)

Try it out girls!


Are you concerned about hair fall issues? Embracing natural solutions can help you immensely. Find how red onion can trigger hair growth and reduce hair fall in this article.

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