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Amazing Benefits of Henna For Healthy Hair

Amazing Benefits of Henna For Healthy Hair

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Amazing Benefits of Henna For Healthy Hair

Hello Beauties!!

Having healthy and beautiful hair is indeed a boon. The charisma of your entire appearance depends and even gets glorified with voluminous and lustrous tresses. But quite often, we feel prey to lots of ill factors which diminishes hair strength making it charmless, unhealthy and grey. Pollution, stress, improper diet, etc are a lot of factors that make our hairs weep.

But yes, all these imperfections can be wiped off through proper care and attention. Natural herbs are always the best remedies for any such ailments. Keep your chemical products at bay and step towards nature.

One such natural hair restorer is Henna, commonly known as mehendi and scientifically as Lawsonia Inermis. From ages immemorial, henna is being used for beautifying hair and increasing its vitality and strength. Often, the goodness of henna is used as a natural hair dyer to cover up grey hairs. But one has to be patient with it. Just one-time application will not draw you desired results instantly. Though, you can feel a lot of difference in your hair texture and shine, yet only regular usage of it will yield you towards earning better grades for your hairs.

And Here Follows The Endless  Benefits of Henna :

  • Makes hair stronger by manifolds.
  • Nourishes and showers hairs with increased volume.
  • Gets rid of your itchy scalps and maintains its acid-alkaline balance.
  • Fights dandruff and prevents its formation.
  • Repairs damaged hairs,
  • Natural hair conditioner which keeps the hair intact of its essential nutrients.
  • The most intrinsic and safest way to get rid of grey hairs.
  • Provides a protein treatment to the hair cuticles to withstand pollution and UV rays.
  • Its cooling sensation soothes your mind and scalp relieving you from stress.
  • Regular usage of it promotes hair growth.
  • Draws you beautiful, shiny and velvety touch hair.

How To Use Henna?

Like its goodness, its usage procedure is also a lot many.

henna powderFor Hair Colouring And Conditioning:

  • Soak it overnight in tea liquor in an iron vessel.
  • Next day before application mix one egg white, curd, amla powder and coffee powder.
  • Let it dry and then wash off with plain water.
  • Once dry, follow with a hot coconut oil massage.
  • Shampoo after half an hour and enjoy the difference.

For Natural Burgundy Color At Home:

  • Soak henna, tea liquor and coffee powder in an iron container throughout the night.
  • Before application mix lemon juice, egg white and beetroot juice.
  • Leave it to dry for 2-3 hours and follow the above-mentioned procedure of oiling and washing.

For Hair Growth And Dandruff Remedy:

  • Soak henna as mentioned in the earlier procedures.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds separately
  • Before application grind the fenugreek seeds and mix it in henna with mustard oil.
  • Keep for 2 hours and wash off as per the above-mentioned process.

Application of henna twice a month with a gap of fifteen days is indeed rewarding. To multiply its benefits, it is always advisable to use olive-coloured henna and avoid grey or light green coloured ones. A good branded henna will land you to your desirable hair health and shine.


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