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5 Home Based Simple Nail Care Tips

5 Home Based Simple Nail Care Tips

5 Home Based Simple Nail Care Tips

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today, I shall discuss something very interesting. I have talked so much about hair and skin care, so this time I will discuss about nail care tips. Beautiful nails signify your beauty and healthiness. In ancient times, people used to check nails to understand health status of a person. Such things have been done today also, by the doctors. Apart from health, beautiful nails should also prevail, if you want to look beautiful.

For effective nail care, you do not need many expenses. Some simple, home based solutions would provide you excellent results. So, let us check out some simple home based tricks for nail care so that you can attain shiny, healthy and beautiful nails.

1. Olive Oil for Nail CareNail Care Tips

To bring in lustrous shine on your nails, you can try applying olive oil to your nails regularly. I do this at least once or twice in a week. If you can do this more frequently, it would be better for you. For me, perfect nails mean soft pinkish hue on the nails. Applying olive oil on nails, I have noted excellent results on this regard. Olive oil helps preserving the pinkish hue on the nails and furthermore it makes nails shiny or glossy. Without applying nail polish, my nails look pretty decent. I have been trying this for a month and I am really satisfied with the results.

2. LemonNail Care Tips

This tip is especially for the housewives, who have to do a lot of cooking at home. Cooking is fun, but only for those, who use to cook occasionally. Those, who have to cook regularly, often find that their nails are losing their natural glow. This happens because of using various spices, herbs, oils, etc. If your nail has started getting a little yellowish, you can restore it to glossy pinkish color by applying lemon juice. Take a cut of lemon, apply the juice on your nails – perform this at least once in a day. My mother uses to perform this trick and believe me her nails are even more beautiful than me. Sigh!

3. Butter for Nail CareNail Care Tips

I have recently come across a health magazine, from where I have learnt this trick for taking care of nails. Apply melted butter on your nails regularly and you will find that your nails have gradually become strikingly glossy. Believe me – I have got excellent results with this in a couple of weeks.

4. Petroleum JellyNail Care Tips

Petroleum jelly is good for our nails. Now, the biggest question is where should we get petroleum jelly? Well, at least 9 out of 10 amongst us have Vaseline in house. Vaseline is nothing but petroleum jelly. Apply petroleum jelly on your nails, especially in winter, to keep them naturally shiny and healthy.

Nail Care Tips5. Baby Oil

Lukewarm baby oil provides amazing results, when it comes to nail care. This trick should be performed once in a day. Your nail will remain perfectly pinkish in terms of color. The natural shine of nails will stay for long time.


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