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10 Things About Lip Liners

10 Things About Lip Liners

10 Things About Lip Liners

Hello Everyone,

Am sure a majority of us must be having this question in their minds while going to wear any lip color —-it’s “To line or not to line the lips??” And even more, most of us even do not know the benefits or are not able to mark the difference that a lip-liner can bring to our lips. So, today’s post will acquaint you with lip-liners and will bring out to you some lip beautifying facts. So, here goes 10 Things About Lip Liners you ought to know.

1. Lip-liners are the torch bearers of your lip-art – (Well, sounds like overtly philosophical!!) But nevertheless, it is indeed a perfect pedestal on which rests the charming beauty of your lips. Name one who is not fond of fuller lips…. I bet, there’s no one. A perfectly drawn outlines of your lip make them look complete and full. A flawless outline of the ‘bow’ on your lips becomes indeed the cynosure of all the eyes and adds precision to your lip–makeup. Just be careful enough to draw it from the middle and then moving towards the corners forming the arch beautifully.

Lip Liners

2. Lip-liners elongates the staying power of lipsticks – Liners prevent the lip-color from draining or withering away. Creating a foundation on the lips with lip-liner will surprisingly pave a long way to go for your lip–color. Now, you can party for long hours without checking onto your mirrors.

3. An alternative to lipstick – Lips filled with lip-liner is very much like wearing a matte lipstick. You can outline your lips and fill in the inner space with the same shade. Smudge with a brush to get it blended lovingly

4. The ‘right shade’ for your lips – Very much like lipsticks, you can find abundance of options with lip-liners as well. Choose your lip-liner of the same color of your shade. Never ever pick a liner much darker in shade than your lipstick. It will mow down your looks. If you are not wearing any lip-shade, then pick up a liner closer in hue to your skin shade. This will sit well with the natural look and will keep it very much on the same line.

5. Check the sharpness – Always be vigilant that you don’t go with a blunt pencil. This will look pesky and might also get you scratches from the woods popping out from the sides of your pencil. However, after sharpening, make it a point to swipe the pencil on your hand for a couple of times just to make it a little blunt to enable you to draw well and precise lines.

Lip liners

6 .Warm-up your lips – Apply lip-balm and leave it unattended for 10-15 minutes before applying your lip makeup. This is to moisturize you lip-beds and help you draw better strokes.

7. Apply patiently – Make sure you are not in a haste to draw your outlines. Try not to go for a single-stroke finish. This might not materialize well. Go for smaller and lighter stroke for a good finesse.

8. Sketch with your natural lip-line – Go for your natural lip-line to give a natural look. Drawing above the lines looks better on cameras rather than in reality.

9. Choices of shades – Well, unlike makeup artists you cannot keep a lip-liner for every shade of lipstick you own. Therefore, it is advisable to have a nude tone accompanied with a couple of such shades which are quite near to your choice of lipstick shades.

10. Keep a check on the life of your liner – If you find white particles forming on your liner, discontinue using it. It may cause harm.


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