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L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner Review

L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner Review

L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

Hi sweeties,

Hair nourishment has always been a major concern for me. I have written reviews on arrays of products for hair nourishment. I’ll continue writing in future too. Today, I have come up with a popular product, and that is L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Conditioner. I’m mentioning is as popular, as I have advertisements on magazines, television and newspapers on this product. I do not fall for the advertising stuffs though. Still I felt giving it a try, as I like L’Oreal as a makeup and beauty product manufacturing brand.

Product Description

L'Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall ConditionerL’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner is a reinforcing conditioner that increases the action of the shampoo by increasing the concentration of arginine on the hair fibre which reactivates micro circulation and boosts the strength of the hair. The conditioner hydrates, nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair. The conditioner leaves hair less vulnerable to the effects of eternal aggressors.

The Fall Resist 3X range Delivers A Triple Anti Hair Fall Action.

  • Nourishes The Hair Root
  • Restructures Hair Fibres
  • Hair Grows Stronger

Product Features

L’Oreal Paris combines ZnPT + Arginine Essence in one shampoo to fight dandruff and hair fall. Nourishes the hair root Restructures hair fibre Hair grows stronger your hair is stronger from root to tip.

  • Suitable for: Adults only
  • Quantity: 175 ML
  • Price: 170 INR
  • Ingredients: Arginine, ZnPT, vitamin C and many more

Manufacturer’s Claim

L'Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

Instantly detangled and stronger, your hair is more resistant from root to tip and looks good and healthy! No More Weak and Flat Hair!

Guidance For Applying

Application of the product is simple. First of all, apply shampoo on your hair. Rinse your hair well, and then wash off shampoo. Now, apply condition on your hair, and let it to stay on hair for a few seconds. After that, rinse off the conditioner carefully. Your hair will become silky and shining.

My Experience With L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner:

L'Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

I really like the packaging. It comes in a black bottle with a pink cap and has silver and pink text on the front. The texture is like any other conditioner but I found this a bit creamier and the smell is fruity, flowery.

The conditioner smells really sweet and made my hair smell pleasant. The formula is thick and really felt like it was adding a lot of moisture to my damaged hair, without leaving it feeling greasy. Instead my hair felt soft and healthier. It does a pretty good job at preventing further hair breakage. There was a noticeable difference in the thickness of my hair. My hair is now fuller and seems to be more protected.L'Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

Overall, I like this product. It is a good hair conditioner not a natural product, but it helps in hair nourishment. I often suffer from scalp dryness, which results into dandruff. Using this conditioner, I have successfully got some amount of relief – not fully though. Overall, this is a product that I would like to recommend.

L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner Pros:

  • Reduces hair fall
  • affordable
  • Cleanses scalp effectively
  • Imparts shine and softness
  • Does not dry out the scalp
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Availability

L’Oreal Paris Fall Resist 3X Conditioner Cons:

  • Scalp may get oily next day
  • For some, the fragrance may be too strong
  • Not easy to detangle your hair

Final Verdict

As I have stated in my experience section, I am quite happy with L’Oréal Paris Fall Resist 3X Conditioner. This is not a natural product, and thus you cannot expect excellent results, if you are a victim of tremendous hair fall. If you are suffering from scalp disease, L’Oréal Paris Resist 3X Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner would not help you. Purchase it for regular and cause uses.

Rating: 3.5/5


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