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Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack Review

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack Review

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack

Haldi (turmeric) and chandan (sandalwood) are two natural ingredients that are strongly connected with Indian culture and rituals. I can still remember when I was a kid, my grandma often used to tell me to apply turmeric paste on skin before having bath. And, of course, how can I forget about ‘chandan ka tika’ that my mom still applies on my forehead, before I go for job interviews or exams.

Turmeric and Sandalwood are considered as magical natural substances that have various benefits. These two ingredients are particularly good for our skin. Combining these two magical ayurvedic substances, Fabindia has produced ‘haldi chandan mud pack’ for face.

Major HighlightsFabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack

  • Quantity: 100 ML
  • Key Ingredients: Multani mitti, purified water, turmeric extract, sandalwood oil, calamine, glycerine oil, almond oil, etc.
  • Price: 250 INR

About The Product:

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack contains three basic ingredients and they are turmeric extract, sandalwood oil and multani mitti as base. The manufacturer of this face pack, Fabindia claims that it enhances natural glow of your skin and make your skin to appear brighter. Presence of turmeric detoxifies skin and removes pimples or acnes. On the other hand, sandalwood makes skin texture smooth and alluring.

Directions For Use:Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack

  • You can apply the paste directly on your face
  • After applying leave it for few minutes, allowing it to get dry
  • Now, gently wash your skin
  • Never forget to close the lid tightly after using it

My Experience with Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack:

Till date, I have used many of the face packs from Fabindia, including this product. What I particularly like about this product is whenever I open the lid of the pack I get amazing aroma of sandalwood. It is a consistent paste, soft and easy to be applied.

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack takes around 15 minutes on an average to dry up on the face. When it gets dry up, I use to rinse my face with a little cold water. Immediately after washing your face, you will find that you face has become brighter and shinier than earlier. As it gives such quick results, I prefer applying this face pack before I get ready for an event or party or occasion. However, the drawback is that the results do not last more than 4 hours.

To sum it up, I can say I had good experiences with this product so far and I’ll continue using this product.

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack Pros:

  • Amazing aroma of sandalwood
  • Creamy mud texture – easy to apply and very soft on skin
  • Gives instant skin glowing results
  • Detoxifies skin

Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack Cons:

  • It contains so many chemicals, which may be harmful for some people, especially for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Price is too high
  • Skin glowing results only last for 3-4 hours maximum


Overall, I find Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Pack to be an excellent product. As the price is high, many people prefer using it for occasional purposes. However, if you use this face pack at least twice in a month, you will surely find positive changes on your skin. Presence of Turmeric and Sandalwood makes this product special to me.

Rating: 4/5


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