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VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice Review

VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice Review

VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel And Liquorice

Hello dear ones!! Hope you all are taking care of your beautiful skin and cherishing the loveliness in it.

VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel And LiquoriceWell, cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin regularly improvises it and we are quite inclined towards this religious practice (hope everyone does the same). Now, an inclusion of a serum towards this skincare regime will act as a revitalize and improve its texture and firmness manifold.

Keeping this in view I ventured out my first step towards exploring the advantages of a serum. This thought stuck me when I came across VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel And Liquorice in a beauty store and thought of giving it a try.

Though I hardly have any pigmentation in my skin, I purchased it thinking that my elder sister might also try it for experiment sake, as she has certain blemishes on her skin. The product is basically a non-oily formulation making following claims:VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel And Liquorice

  • Marked turn over on skin at an increasing pace.
  • Showers youthful glow
  • Controls fine lines

Endowed with the goodness of Orange peels and liquorice, the serum really stands out to make a vast difference to your skin tone. I have experienced this in the most effective way.

  • A chemical compound called Limonene present in Orange Peel extract clarifies the skin from the inner epidermal layers and accelerates the glow of a clear skin.
  • Liquorice soothes and cools down your toiled skin giving you a fresh and brighter look with fairer complexion.

Product Packaging:

The product (VLCC) comes wrapped in a light-weighted thin bottle, cylindrical in shape; in a combination of white and blue. The pump actuator is accompanied with a small plastic cover; and again the entire mouth is wrapped in yet another cover.
Coming to its consistency, it is like that of a milk cream which is indeed very thin and penetrates well into the layers. Its fragrance is very mesmerizing inducing freshness.

Usage Directions:

Apply twice a day on clean face and massage until absorbed. I generally, wear it after applying a toner as I feel it works better that way and even it reaches deep under the layers.


Liquorice and Orange peel extract, Niacinamoide, Polyquaternium 39 and Glycerin.

Price: Rs. 405 for 40 ml

My Experience with VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice:

The serum has drawn me a fresh and chiselled look. The formula is greaseless and even a little amount is rewarding as it gets absorbed effortlessly and silently delivers its values. The cooling sensation and fragrance makes the skin livelier. Even my elder sister has grown fond of it as it has reduced her dark blemishes to a great extent just within the usage of two weeks.

Overall, am greatly benefitted by it and will hold in my kit for a longer duration until I experiment with something else.

VLCC De - Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice ReviewAdvantages of VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice:

  • Suitable for all skin-types
  • Non-greasy
  • Lovely fragrance
  • Works wonders for the skin
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Gives you a brighter and lovely skin
  • Improvises complexion
  • Soothes the skin
  • Lasts long
  • Convenient packaging

Disadvantages of VLCC De-Pigmentation Serum Orange Peel & Liquorice:

  • Hardly any

Recommendation: YES

Rating : 5/5


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