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Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub By Jaypore Review

Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub By Jaypore Review

Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub by Jaypore

Hello girls,

Today, I shall review Jaypore Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub. I am always fussy with my face wash and face scrub products. Earlier, I have written a review on Jaypore face mask, which I had rated as 4-satr product. That was my first buy of any Jaypore product. After observing excellent results from my first product, I was planning for some other products from Jaypore. I eventually stumbled upon Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub. The name of this face scrub is interesting. I have never heard of such things. Hence, I was pretty sure that this product is going to be unique.

Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub by JayporeProduct Overview

This face scrub is uniquely formulated with the goodness of black pepper, honey and tamarind. The face scrub is enriched with orange peel extract, vitamin C and anti-bacterial substances. You can use this face scrub once in week or more frequently for following benefits:

  • Enhances natural skin glow
  • Presence of tamarind removes clogged makeup, pollutants, etc.
  • Orange peel extract cleanse skin pores efficiently
  • Honey bring lustrous glow on skin
  • Black pepper protects skin from infections

HighlightsTamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub by Jaypore

  • Quantity: 50g
  • Price: 375 INR
  • Ingredients: Honey, tamarind paste, black pepper, vitamin C, etc.
  • Recommended for: High presence of honey and tamarind suits dry skin very nicely.

This product is thus good for dry or normal skin people. You can still try this product if you have oily skin, as the manufacturer recommends this for all skin types.

How To Apply?

This face scrubber is simple to use. Before applying it, rinse your face well with water. Massage your face nicely and uniformly with the scrubber. Keep the scrubber to rest on your skin for 3-5 minutes, and then gently wash it off with water.

My Experience With Jaypore Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub:

Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub By Jaypore ReviewPackaging:

There is nothing new in packaging, as all skincare Jaypore products come in a signature packing style. The product is packaged in a tiny jar, with an aluminum lid. Packaging is tasteful and interesting.

What I Noticed?

I have been using this product for 1 month, and I have noticed a lot of things about the product. It comes with a tangy tamarind smell, which brings water in mouth… mmmm! The scrubbing paste is dark brown in color – just like tamarind pulp.

Using once in a week or more frequently is highly recommended for this product. Initially, I was using it once in a week. Later I started using it twice and thrice in a week. To be honest, it cleans the pores of skin well, as I not experiencing tiny pimples, after I started applying it. It removes blackheads, but not efficiently. You may have to try some other blackhead removal cream additionally. Dark circles under eyes also get healed by this scrubber.

Jaypore Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub Likes:

  • Natural aroma of tamarind pulp
  • Prevents pimples and bacterial infections
  • Removes dark patches under eyes
  • Adds natural glow on skin

Jaypore Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub Dislikes:

  • I would have been happier, if it were a completely natural product
  • Price is high, but the product is not exceptional against its price tag
  • Not an efficient blackhead removal scrubber

Shall I Buy It Again?

Well, I’m not sure, as I like to experiment with new products more often.


My verdict is that Tamarind Honey Black Pepper Face Scrub by Jaypore is a good product, and thus I would recommend it to everyone, especially for those who have dry skin.

Rating: 3.5/5



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