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Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask Review

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask Review

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask Reviews: Natural products have always been my favourites when it comes to skincare. My today’s review is based on my strong fascination towards one of the many Khadi Beauty products. My pick for the day is Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask. This ayurvedic product serves as an all-purpose face mask.

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask carries with it the goodness of herbs and sterile mud. It cleanses the skin right from the tight pores giving it a germ-free look. Regular usage of the product also lessens tanning and increases the texture of skin.

Product Narration:

This natural clay based mask is a blend of natural cleansing ayurvedic herbs and uncontaminated mud. It comes packed in container of cylindrical shape made of tin. The packaging is very dull and monotonous and hardly grabs any attention. However, the paste inside is very creamy and thick accompanied by the scent of clay.

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask

Components Of The Product:

The mask contains cucumber, basil (Tulsi leaf), brahmi, bajra, glycerol, chironji, fullers earth (multani mitti), whitemud, stearic acid, paraffin, purified water and preservatives.

Directions For Use:

Cleanse face with water before applying the mask. The paste can be applied directly on to the face without mixing water. Leave on to dry for about 20 minutes and rinse off with cold water. The paste is very light, smooth and easy to wash-off.

My Tale With Khadi Mauri Clay – Based Facemask :

Inclusion of the product in your routine skincare will bring a marked difference to your skin texture. It casts an instant glow to the skin making it soft and supple. The components of this mask offer a perfect combination of care that the skin seeks for.

  • Fullers Earth or multani mitti provides a cooling effect to the skin and schemes out the excess oil from it.
  • Cucumber reduces dark patches and heals pimples.
    Chironji makes the pores firmer.
  • Tulsi works as an antiseptic and purifies the skin.
  • Brahmi stimulates and ushers skin-growth.

Pros And Cons Of Khadi Mauri Clay – Based Facemask :

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask Pros:

  • Boosts the skin against excess oil
  • Cleanses the pores deeply
  • Showers radiance to the skin instantly
  • Lessens tanning and black-heads
  • Refines the complexion of skin
  • Washes off without any hazzle
  • No side-effects
  • Price is reasonable
  • Easily available in any khadi store
  • The container of this pack can be re-used unlike other beauty
  • products’ containers

Khadi Mauri Clay Based Face Mask Cons:

  • It contains preservatives.
  • The lid of the containers tends to be loose, hence not friendly to be carried along

Price : Rs. 95 for 50 gm

Product Life: 2 years.

Can it be recommended : YES. Its revitalizing effects redefines the texture of your skin without any side-effects. For anyone who has got mild complexion and blemishes, this product will suit the best. You can discover a newer self of your own and will love gazing at the mirror for sure.

Rating: 4/5


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