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Khadi Cleansing Milk Review

Khadi Cleansing Milk Review

Khadi Cleansing Milk – The Perfect Solution for A Clear Skin

The age-old beauty secrets for a naturally radiant skin can be best unfolded in the laps of nature. Nature is endowed with all the goodness of herbs and chemical-free beauty solutions.

One such product that I have come across is The Khadi Cleansing Milk. It acts as a revitalizer for the skin.

This is my first ever experience with any khadi product, and must say that I am really very contended and satisfied with its result. Khadi has always been known for delivering the best of natural and herbal solutions to beauty regime and this product is no exception. Can’t stop myself from being a fan of it.

About The Product:

Khadi Cleansing MilkThe Khadi Cleansing milk is a perfect blend of natural herbs and perfumes that adds to the rejuvenation of the skin. Reasons to fall in love with it:

  • Removes the dirt and excess oil of the skin gently making the skin pollution-ridden.
  • Adds to the softness and tenderness of the skin.
  • Its daily usage makes the skin blemish-free (I generally prefer using it at night before going to bed.)
  • Excellent remover of make-ups, especially the lingering dark stains around the eyes after washing off your eyeliner.
  • Its unique fragrance is one of the many reasons that I love it. It smells like fresh cream.


It is a blend of kanyasar (Aloe Berbandesis), Tila Oil (Sesame Oil), Mandukaparni (Centella Asiatica), Aqua Neem, aromatic perfume, Sunflower oil, natural preservatives and Glycerine. This herbal mixture works as wonders for the skin and prevents it from the daily weariness of day-to-day activities.

Khadi Cleansing Milk Usage:

As labelled in the product, it reads as 5 – 10 ml or as required. However a small amount of it will also work out perfectly well.

I generally squeeze a little amount of it in a cotton ball and run it over my face gently all over, giving a feeling of freshness that my skin seeks for after a day long toiling.

The Khadi Cleansing milk comes packed in a square-shaped bottle with a pump. So, you need to squeeze according to your requirement and there is no extra amount that would be wasted. The pump is covered with a cap securely fitted.

This is really a skin-friendly cleanser which has forced me to stop by the khadi shops to raid it for other such wonderful khadi products. This cleansing milk has worked as magic for my skin. I can hardly find any blemishes or see any blackheads on my face since the time I have started using it.

Benefits Of Khadi Cleansing Milk:

  • Purely herbal; No chemicals used
  • Perfect skincare solution with low cost
  • Can be carried easily in handbags/ beauty-kit
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Easily available in all khadi stores
  • Minimal amount of it works as wonders
  • It is an ISO certified company.

Drawbacks Of Khadi Cleansing Milk:

Unable to figure out any.

This product wins a sure-shot place in my anytime beauty-kit. Love using this product and will recommend/suggest anyone who would like to have a flawless skin effortlessly.

Love my skin..Love khadi.

khus khus (Poppy seeds/ Vetivera Zizaniodies) and Akhrot (Walnut).



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