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Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Originated from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”, Yoga is an embodiment of a balanced, relaxed and healthy lifestyle. It evolution stretches back from the pre-vedic Indian ages. The word “Yuj” denotes the invoking of inner spirits in conjunction with both body and mind.

Various forms and styles of yoga are being adopted in the entire world. It is the common fitness mantra amongst all-age groups. Yoga indeed is a therapeutic stress detoxifier which draws your mind and body under one umbrella giving you a harmonious and joyous life-journey. Imbibing it in yourself means welcoming your life.
The benefits of yoga are manifold. You can reap endless harvests if you cultivate the seeds of yoga in your normal day-to-day work routine and activities. Regardless of any age, yoga holds abundance of goodness, health and well-being for all.

Let us have a glimpse on what all extents we can be benefitted by this age-old Indian body of knowledge and prosperity.

  • A calm and composed you: It is a great stress-buster which alleviates you from the daily anxieties, pressures, mental strains, depressions and other such disorders which accumulates in your everyday normal life. Pranayams and yoga postures release you from the clutches of stress and those harmful free residues which pile up inside you and weaken your immune system. It fights against insomnia and also gets you rid of your despondency. It introduces you to the serenity present inside your own self.
  • Detoxifies the harmful toxins: Yoga marks proper blood-circulation in the entire body flushing off the toxicants. Proper breathing techniques improve the lung capacity making your respiratory process healthy and casting a natural glow to your look. It casts a feeling of freshness even after a long-day toiling.
  • Flexible and well-postured you: Yoga acts as a lubricant to the body, strengthening the joints and muscles. It is natural toner for the body which makes it firm, sturdy and supple. Yoga works on the digestive system and boosts metabolism of the body. It strengthens the spine which is the backbone on which the entire body rests, thus wiping off cervical, neck and back pains, etc. Stretching your body in turn lengthens the muscles, thus throwing a leaner look.
  • Keeps a check on food-craving: Through Yoga our body becomes mindful on the food intakes according to its requirement. It instigates mindful eating. This is due to the connection developed between the body and mind resulting from the proper respiratory techniques. You naturally get reduced cutting on those extra flabs.Benefits of Yoga
  • Saviour for Women: It is an effective tool for women to fight against menstrual pains and the crampy bloating feeling associated with it. It reduces the level of irritation and fights against weariness which women experience during their periodic cycles.
  • Prompts Awareness, Vigilance and Better Intuition: Regular practice of yoga keeps you focused and aware about your present situation rather than lingering onto your past, or hovering around your unseen future. You get a clear insight to look at things and judge upon. Your vigilance is marked on your tendency to stay focused with an uncluttered mind. This lays effortlessly on what needs to be done with a calm mind.

Keep speaking about the benefits of yoga, and you end up writing a thesis on it. So varied and innumerable are its advantages that it is indeed very hard to sum it up. Apart from the abovementioned glimpses, it also induces better sexual relationships; beats migraines and headaches; boosts antigens; lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

Include Yoga as a daily dose to increase good health and longevity.



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